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screencaps's Journal

A Screencaps Community
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Hi all. This will be leftofmyheart's place for posting zip files of screencaps from various shows and movies. I'm doing it this way because until I can afford to purchase my own domain again, I am currently using up my hosts bandwith my offering you all screencaps. A way to cut back on that was to make a community, where I could invite people and use up less of her space and bandwith.

I'll be mostly uploading caps from Roswell, Alias, Buffy, Angel, Dawson's Creek, X-Files, Friends and various movies.

Due to space, the caps I post will only be up for 1 week at a time, after that I'll be deleting the files to free up space for more. If you missed some caps that you would like, contact me on AIM and I will send the zip file to you that way or I will upload it to yousendit.com.

How do you join?
Please read this post and follow the directions there.

The Rules
That's simple. Just comment when you take caps, and credit me.. either as this community, or my livejournal (leftofmyheart) if you use them. Thank you.